July 21, 2021
New York City-Inspired Hyper GT Showcases the Bespoke Process Behind Every Battista
  • Automobili Pininfarina reveals every Battista hyper GT will be unique and individually tailored through its specially developed bespoke personalisation programme
  • First bespoke commission is inspired by New York City and features industry-first exposed signature carbon bodywork as part of its red, white and blue theme
  • Clients will be invited to the refurbished Cambiano facility to create their perfect vehicle in a new purpose-built Atelier space alongside the Battista production line, opening later this year
  • Bespoke enhancements range from unique exterior paint colours and combinations to interior finishes and engravings, allowing clients to tailor every element of the luxurious Battista
  • Pioneering programme gives clients direct access to Battista designers, ensuring no two models will be the same, enhancing its status as a collector’s item – like Pininfarina models of the past

TURIN, 21 JULY 2021

Every Battista will be a truly unique interpretation of the luxurious hyper GT thanks to Automobili Pininfarina’s all-encompassing bespoke personalisation programme – and the design of the first vehicle to emerge from the service has been revealed.

Automobili Pininfarina has an unrivalled legacy of creating exclusive vehicles and its bespoke programme will ensure every example is one-of-a-kind, with each client’s personality woven into the very fabric of the car. The first bespoke commission is inspired by New York City and features a sophisticated red, white and blue colour theme, led by Exposed Signature Carbon body work with world-first Iconica Blu thread, delivering a dramatic visual from every angle.

All Battista clients are invited on a journey with the design team to create their perfect pure-electric hyper GT, as part of an in-depth collaborative process. A new Atelier space at the Cambiano production facility will provide the perfect environment to inspire the creative process when it opens later this year, housing an extensive range of colour and material samples close to the assembly area, where Automobili Pininfarina’s skilled technicians will turn clients’ dreams into reality.

Sara Campagnolo, Head of Colour and Materials Design of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “The Pininfarina name has a storied heritage of individual cars, and the Battista continues this legacy as every vehicle will be truly bespoke by design. Our clients have the unique opportunity to join the Automobili Pininfarina family, immersing themselves in the design process with our talented craftspeople to ensure their vehicle authentically reflects their personality and tastes, created with a truly personal touch. Clients have the opportunity to drive forward the development of sustainable luxury, whilst creating a unique collector’s piece.” 

Every element of the vehicle receives bespoke treatment, with clients offered a 360-degree consulting service resulting in a truly unique creation. Automobili Pininfarina’s bespoke programme makes exquisite detailing a reality, with the New York-inspired commission debuting Exposed Signature Carbon with Iconica Blu thread – the first application of its kind in the automotive industry. 

The commission also includes Performance Stripes and Pinstripe finished in distinctive Bianco Sestriere metallic – meticulously applied by hand due to the complex shapes of the body panels – with a red Exterior Jewellery Pack elegantly completing the exterior design with a Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack finished in Black Exposed Signature Carbon. Mixing advanced composite materials with traditional coachbuilding techniques, the hand-painted finish for this one-off model will take hundreds of hours of expert attention.

For the first bespoke commission, the Impulso wheels are finished in Dark Matt Grey with brushed aluminium centre-lock ring anodized in black, matching the black Goccia roof, rear diffuser, rear wing and brushed aluminium headlight engraving. 

The luxurious interior provides further scope for personalisation, with everything from the choice of leather and Alcantara to the contrast stitching, Interior Jewellery Pack and fine aluminium interior detailing. A total of 128 million combinations provides opportunities for clients to reflect their individual tastes, with all clients benefitting from Automobili Pininfarina’s commitment to sustainable luxury. This is evident in the methods used to craft the exquisite materials, such as leather interior elements tanned with olive leaves, a process that reduces the need for harmful chemicals in the creation of every Battista.

The first bespoke commission features Pilota seats finished in black leather upholstery with Iconica Blu Alcantara with navy colour inserts elegantly showcasing the Battista’s interior design and luxurious materials. The exterior theme is carried through to the interior with Iconica Blu stitching with unique red and white cross stitch, red headrest logo and unique white seatbelts, with Iconica Blu thread on the back of the carbon seats. Brushed aluminium detailing is finished in red, subtly referencing the red Exterior Jewellery Pack, with darker details provided by the Interior Jewellery Pack finished in brushed aluminium anodized in black.

In addition to the selection of 56 exterior paint finishes, Battista owners also have the opportunity to choose exposed carbon fibre bodywork, bespoke paint finishes for the ‘Goccia’ roof, exterior jewellery in the form of anodised finishes or bespoke paint, or a contrasting front end in the clients’ choice of colour. 

The Carbon Accent Pack and Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack are available with a selection of bespoke paint colours or exposed carbon fibre finishes, complemented by the precise Furiosa pinstripe around the extremities of the bodywork. In addition, the mirror caps, rear wing, brake calipers, alloy wheels – both Prezioso and Impulso designs – and centre-lock rings can all be fully customised. 

Even the engravings on the Battista chassis plate, located between the seats, can be personalised, along with a custom passenger-side door plate engraving. 

The uniqueness and exclusivity offered by the bespoke programme will enhance Battista’s investment status, adding to Pininfarina’s rich history in crafting motoring masterpieces. The Cambiano production headquarters will house a new Atelier where clients will be invited to immerse themselves in the creation of their one-of-a-kind vehicle with the car’s designers. The new suite will be located alongside the production line, where skilled technicians will assemble the Battista – under the same roof as the historic and priceless Pininfarina models spanning 91 years of production.

With a carefully curated selection of historic and classic vehicles on display in the neighbouring museum, the new Atelier in Cambiano will serve as a rich hub of exquisite collectible vehicles to inspire the next generation of pure-electric automotive creations



The Battista will be the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy and it will deliver a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sports car featuring internal combustion engine technology. Faster than a current Formula 1 race car in its 0 -100 km/h sub-two second sprint, and with 1,900 hp and 2,340 Nm torque on tap, the Battista will combine extreme engineering and technology in a zero emissions package. The Battista’s 120 kWh battery provides power to four electric motors – one at each wheel – with a combined WLTP range of up to 476 km (296 miles), US EPA combined: 300 miles on a single charge. No more than 150 examples of Battista will be individually hand-crafted at the Battista Atelier in Cambiano, Italy.

Automobili Pininfarina is based in operational headquarters in Munich, Germany, with a team of experienced automotive executives from luxury and premium car brands. Designed, engineered, and produced by hand in Italy, the Battista hyper GT and all future models will be sold in all major global markets under the brand name Pininfarina. The new company aims to be the most desired, sustainable luxury car brand in the world.

The company is a 100 per cent Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd investment.

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