“Above all, it must be beautiful.”
Giovanni Battista “Pinin” Farina

Our heritage.

We are the guardians of the lessons handed down by a one-of-a-kind man, a visionary creator, a true innovator. A dreamer. Today Battista “Pinin” Farina's ultimate dream comes to life: a range of cars, 100% conceived by Pininfarina design and engineering team.
Automobili Pininfarina design relies on both passion and rationality, guided by a crystal-clear vision: the PURA Design principles.

Tradition of the new.

To follow is simply not an option. When starting a design process, we like our playbook empty: experience is our strength, the force that allows us to take the risk of being innovative.

Every time. At every step of the way.
Someone must write history: we’ve always had the guts to say it’s us.

The quest for purity.

It's a bond between essence and form. One must reflect the other, in the most clear and exquisite way. No over-complications allowed.
Only the purest lines, the purest energy, the purest materials, the purest performance. A design-led process propelled by our relentless passion to ultimately create the purest driving experience of all.

It is purity, or nothing.


“Do the unforgettable.”
Clear as that.
This is what our designers have constantly in mind throughout the whole creative process, from drawing board to the road. But the road isn’t the only thing a true Automobili Pininfarina car must face successfully.
Time is the ultimate testing ground for our creations.
A test we never fail.

Design Team

Chief Design Officer

Luca Borgogno
“It’s in the Pininfarina philosophy to do something that is extremely clean and extremely beautiful.”

Lead designer

Sara Campagnolo
“We are always looking for a fil rouge to connect the story behind the materials.”

Senior Designer

Dave Amantea
“So what we want to do is to show that new technology can have a really beautiful suit.”

Head Of Interior

Francesco Cundari
“We focus on the driver, designing the dashboards around a vanishing point.”

A revolution in luxury.
Be part of it.

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