“Above all, it must be beautiful.”
Battista “Pinin” Farina

Our heritage.

We are guardians of the lessons of a one-of-a-kind man, a visionary creator, a true innovator. A dreamer. Today Battista “Pinin” Farina's ultimate dream comes to life with the launch of a pure-electric hypercar named in his honour and conceived by the Automobili Pininfarina design and engineering team.

In Battista, our team has presented a captivating vision of legendary design principles, which we call PURA.

Tradition of the new.

To follow is simply not an option. When starting a design process, we like our playbook empty: experience is our strength, the force that allows us to take the risk of being innovative.

Every time. At every step of the way. Someone must write history: we’ve always had the guts to say it’s us.

The quest for purity.

It's a bond between essence and form. One must reflect the other, in the most clear and exquisite way.
Over-complications are not allowed. Pure lines, pure materials, pure performance.

Purity or nothing.

Design Team

Chief Design Officer

Davide Loris Amantea
“The purpose of PURA is to create a form of design excellence that is extremely clean and extremely beautiful.”

Colour and Materials Design Director

Sara Campagnolo
“We do not select materials simply for their functional quality. Our clients must see beauty in every detail and have an emotional connection to everything they touch.”

Chief Design Officer

Davide Loris Amantea
“We have to exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients in the world. With Battista we are delighting them by showcasing incredible technology in an exquisite, tailored suit.”

Head Of Interior

Francesco Cundari
“The interior of Battista is a sublime blend of beautiful form and driver-focused functions. The instrumentation is arranged around a vanishing point ahead of the steering wheel, ensuring the driver can focus on exploiting the performance of Battista without any distraction.”