A new era in luxury, where sumptuous and sustainable are one.

How do you capture the hearts and minds of the people that want to change the world for good?

By insisting on beauty above all else.

We all have the opportunity to address climate change and play a part in creating a sustainable future. At Automobili Pininfarina, we will lead this movement in automotive luxury.

The journey begins by selecting the most advanced electric vehicle technology for the Battista hypercar, and our future range of thrilling luxury cars. Zero emissions, always.

As design leaders, we want our creations to be admired for more than just aesthetics. We undertake extensive research, develop new production methods and select eco-friendly materials to pave the way to a cleaner future. Delivering unparalleled luxury, whilst enabling our clients to drive the change we all need to see in the world.

Next Generation Sensation.

The interior of Battista is a sensory feast. The finest semi-aniline leather may be selected to adorn the sculpted seats and an array of cabin features, soft and natural to touch.

Not only is this material a joy to feel, it may also be appreciated for the way it is carefully treated as part of a commitment to ethical sourcing.

Twice every year the leaves of olive trees that have fallen as the seasons change are collected and used to treat this leather as part of a meticulous tanning process.The result ensures each Battista interior is unique, with every piece of leather traceable to its source.

With more than 20 quality process measures in place, this process of leather creation is checked and certified every year by an independent commission dedicated to sustainable innovation.

Nothing is wasted in this process of crafting the leather interior for Battista. Any piece not required is safely stored and will be placed in innovative design features of future sustainable products from Automobili Pininfarina. This is just one way in which we commit a new era in luxury.

With patented technologies for upcycling natural material leftovers, we are proud to partner with Authentic Material – a pioneer in sustainable leather technologies for the luxury industry. Exceptional leathers created by Authentic Material will be incorporated in future vehicles by Automobili Pininfarina.

Precious Metals.

Many of the delightful design details of Battista are crafted from aluminium: often referred to as jewels by our team of Designers. Every piece is a precious representation of our commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

We also love to surprise our customers. So we ensure that even the tiniest production off-cut in shaping these aluminium jewels is given a second life.

Our partners in the production process have developed a special upcycling process: using pressure, temperature and biosourced polymers, these excess pieces will be redesigned as new forms to feature in future vehicles from Automobili Pininfarina.

An alliance against
ocean pollution

Under the feet of the occupants of Battista lies a story of innovation.

The material used in the mats protecting the surface of the footwell is created in a material named Econyl, by a visionary brand named Aquafil who are responsible for collecting plastics found in the ocean and converting them into durable, high-quality textiles.

The Road Ahead.

As we prepare a range of beautiful new electric luxury cars, many new sustainable design, engineering and manufacturing solutions are in development. We seek to work with partners who share our vision and complement our purpose, they will be part of the movement towards sustainable luxury, joining a family of pioneers.

“As guardians of the Pininfarina brand, we will never compromise on the design values that made this marque famous in the past. Yet as pioneers of a new era in luxury, we will apply our expertise to ensure that sustainability is at the core of the automotive art forms of the future.”
Dave Amantea
Chief Design Officer