Your Battista Experience

“At Automobili Pininfarina, we create a luxury experience specifically for you. We select the most advanced technology to ensure that your Battista will perform brilliantly throughout its life with you.”
Paolo Dellachà

A new era for the luxury automobile brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. To deliver a first-class ownership experience, Automobili Pininfarina has created advanced and comprehensive aftersales solutions that match the meticulous attention to detail applied to the creation of Battista.

As part of our unique brand promise, Automobili Pininfarina ensures that every Battista is held up to the same exemplary standards, both during production and throughout its life cycle. We conduct the most rigorous quality testing and we are committed to technology-driven solutions to guarantee reliability, safety, and optimum outstanding performance.


We ensure peace of mind by offering a factory warranty coverage which extends up to three years or 100,000km - whichever comes first.

In addition, our Futura Programme provides you with an extended warranty which covers the battery pack for an additional seven years. Further details are available in the dedicated policy.


Battista is designed with cutting-edge Over-The-Air technology capable of remotely updating vehicle software governing systems such as powertrain, advanced safety, driving dynamics, vehicle control and infotainment. Updates can be performed easily via your home WiFi or the vehicle’s embedded sim card at any future time, ensuring every Battista will continue to benefit from the latest software advances as they become available. In line with data protection regulation, smart monitoring and diagnostic systems are also enabled, allowing your Battista’s performance to be simply and precisely observed.


As befits a uniquely advanced and luxurious vehicle, Battista offers global roaming connectivity in more than 50 countries. Owners can stay connected via a specially developed smartphone app that remotely locks and unlocks the vehicle, views its telemetry, checks the state of charge and monitors its location. Battista also enjoys easy access to the ChargePoint® network in North America and Europe, with either key fob or app connecting directly to the chargers.

Roadside Assistance

Battista must establish itself as not only your most capable vehicle, but also your most dependable, and as such has undergone extensive and exacting durability testing. Should the unexpected happen, however, our Automobili Pininfarina representatives will be on hand to assist you.

Service & Maintenance

The unique driving sensations and unparalleled performance of Battista are made possible by diligent and accurate maintenance, carried out by expert authorised Automobili Pininfarina service partners.

The Eccellenza exclusive maintenance programme has been designed to ensure the safety and reliability of all vehicle functions, guarantee optimum performance and protect both warranty and future value. The Eccellenza programme is carried out by our highly trained technicians at every service interval and in respect of all specific factory standards. Detailed information is available in the dedicated Policy.

Automobili Pininfarina’s worldwide Partner Network provides you with a professional and prompt aftersales service that enjoys dedicated technical support from our headquarters. Automobili Pininfarina is also delighted to be able to provide Battista customers with an international team of technicians, able to deploy to all markets should further hands-on expertise be required.

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Genuine parts

Every component used in the manufacture of Battista is engineered to guarantee optimum performance. It is only with this uncompromising focus on quality that we can ensure the safety, durability and authenticity of all Battista genuine parts. A highly exclusive and ultra-low volume product means parts may be subject to variable lead times based on specifications. For this reason, we prioritise prompt delivery to our worldwide partner network via our Global Logistic Partner.

We are there for you

For any other support queries related to your Battista, you are also provided with a direct communication channel to our client relations experts. If you require our direct assistance, please contact us via the My Battista app.

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